Secretarial Practice Board Question Paper March – 2014

1. (A) Select the correct answer from the possible choices given below and rewrite the statements: [5]

(1) ‘Trading on equity’ means use of _____________ capital for financing a firm.
(a) equity shares (b) preference shares (c) borrowed.

(2) A ____________ is an indivisible unit of share capital.
(a) debenture (b) share (c) bond

(3) Debenture certificate must be issued within ___________ months of allotment.
(a) three  (b) six  (c) nine

(4) The ____________ recommends the final dividend.
(a) shareholders          (b) board of directors   (c) promoters

(5) The market where existing securities are resold or traded is called __________ market.
(a) commodity (b) secondary              (c) primary

(B) Match the pairs [5]

Group A
Group B
a. Fixed Capital
1. Owned Capital
b, Overdraft facility
2. Bearer document
c. Share certificate
3. Investment in fixed assets
d. Debentures
4. Current Account
e. Return on shares
5. Application Money

6. Dividend

7. Investment in current assets

8. Borrowed capital

9. Savings Account

10. Registered Document

(C) Write a word or a term or a phrase which can substitute each of the following statements:
1. Depository Receipt traded in the countries other than the U.S.A.
Ans. Global Depository Receipts (GDR)

2. Transfer of ownership of shares as per the provisions of law.
Ans. Transmission of shares.

3. Dividend declared by company at is annual general meeting.
Ans. Final Dividend.

4. Return on Investment in debentures.
Ans. Interest.

5. The place where buying and selling of securities takes place.
Ans. Stock Exchange.

2. Distinguish between the following (any three) 15

3. Write Short Notes on (any three) 15