HSC SP (SECRETARIAL PRACTICE) Question Paper WITH SOLUTION 2020 - BOARD QUESTION PAPER : FEBRUARY 2020 Std 12th Commerce - Maharashtra Board.

HSC SP (SECRETARIAL PRACTICE) Question Paper WITH SOLUTION 2020 - BOARD QUESTION PAPER : FEBRUARY 2020Std 12th Commerce - Maharashtra Board.

Q.1. (A) Select the proper option from the options given below and rewrite the sentences:

(1) During the period of boom in the share market _______ are issued to raise capital. (a) bonds (b) debentures (c) equity shares

(2) ‘Global Depository Receipt’ enables it to raise more capital in the _______ market. (a) national (b) international (c) local

(3) If a share of ` 100 is issued at ` 100, it is said to be issued at _______. (a) par (b) discount (c) premium

(4) Dividends should be distributed within _______ days from its declaration. (a) 45 (b) 21 (c) 30

(5) The oldest stock exchange in Asia is _______. 

(a) National Stock Exchange (NSE)

(b) Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)

(c) Calcutta Stock Exchange (CSE)

(B) Match the correct pairs of words from group ‘A’ and group ‘B’ :

Group ‘A’

Group ‘B’

a. Financial management

b. Overdraft facility

c. Transmission of shares

d. Depository Act

e. Debentureholders

1. Savings Account

2. Sale or gift shares to another person

3. Management of business funds

4. Owners of the company

5. 1992

6. Management of business activities

7. Current Account

8. 1996

9. Transfer of shares due to operation of law

10. Creditors of the company

(C) Write a word / term / phrase which can substitute each of the following statements:

(1) A type of shares which have preferential rights over equity shares in respect of dividend and repayment of capital.

Sol: - Preference Shares.

(2) Dividend declared by a company between two annual general meetings.

Sol: - Interim Dividend

(3) A letter informing the applicant that shares have not been allotted to him.

Sol: - Regret Letter

(4) An institution which controls and regulates activities of the stock exchange.

Sol: - SEBI

(5) An organization which holds shares in security in electronic form.

Sol: - Dematerialisation

Q.2. Distinguish between the following (Any THREE):

(1) Fixed capital and Working capital

(2) Shareholder and Debenture Holder

(3) Final dividend and Interim dividend

(4) Share certificate and Share warrant

(5) Primary market and Secondary market

Q.3. Write notes on the following (Any THREE):

(1) Capital structure and its components

(2) Need and importance of institutional financing

(3) Bonus shares

(4) Renewal of deposits

(5) Legal provisions regarding unclaimed / unpaid dividend.

Q.4. State with reasons, whether the following statements are True or False (Any THREE):

(1) Bondholders are not owners of the company.

(2) Transfer of shares is initiated by the company.

(3) A private company can accept deposits from the public.

(4) It is compulsory to allot shares to every applicant.

(5) Handling demat shares is very time consuming.

Q.5. Attempt the following (Any TWO):

(1) Draft a letter regarding payment of interest on debentures.

(2) Explain any five examples of credit instruments of the money market.

(3) Draft a letter of thanks to the depositor of a company.

(4) Draft a letter to the depositor regarding repayment of deposit

Q.6. What is ‘equity share’? Explain the features of equity shares.


        Draft a letter of allotment of shares