Secretarial Practice Board Question Paper October – 2014

Secretarial Practice Board Question Paper October – 2014

1. (A) Select the correct answer from the possible choices given below and rewrite the statements: [5]

(1) Normally _________ gives advice to the Board of directors in respect of financial matters.  
(a) auditor (b) secretary              (c) finance manager

(2) A company must issue __________ shares.  
(a) preference      (b) bonus      (c) equity

(3) Transfer of shares by operation of law is called ___________ of shares.  
(a) transfer (b) allotment         (c) transmission

(4) Fully convertible debentures are converted into __________ shares on maturity.  
(a) equity   (b) deferred (c) bonus

(5) Dividend warrants are issued to ________ holders for getting dividend.
(a) Share certificate        (b) share warrant (c) coupon

(B) Match the pairs [5]

Group A
Group B
a. Debenture holders
1. Approval of Secretary
b. Renewal of deposits
2. Declared between two annual general meetings.
c. Interim dividend
3. Creditors of the company
d. Letter of regret
4. Primary market
e. Stock Exchange
5. Approval of Depositors

6. Owners of the company

7. Declared in Extraordinary general meeting.

8. Share applicant becomes shareholder

9. Secondary market

10. Refund order

(C) Write a word or a term or a phrase which can substitute each of the following statements:

1. The basic principle of business activities that aims at profit.  
Ans. Profit maximization

2. The value of share which is written on the share certificate and mentioned in the memorandum of association.
Ans. Face value.

3. A document which is an invitation to the general public to subscribe for shares of company.  
Ans. Prospectus .  

4. An acknowledgement of the deposit accepted by a company.  
Ans. Deposit Receipt

5. The institution which regulates business in stock exchange.  
Ans. Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI).

2. Distinguish between the following (any three) 15

3. Write Short Notes on (any three) 15

4. State, with reason, whether the following statements are True or False. (any three) 15

5. Attempt the following: (Any Two) 10

6. Answer the following: (Any one) 10



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