(Reading Skill, Grammer, Vocabulary, Note-making and Summary)
Q.1((A) Read the first activity, read the extract and then do all the activities: (15)

A1. True / False - (2)
Rewrite the following sentences stating against each of them whether they are true or false :

(i) Dell bought computers directly from the IBM company. [False]
(ii) Dealers were selling computers at high prices. [True]
(iii) Dell’s father wanted Dell to get his degree. [True]
(iv) Dealers disagreed to sell the surplus stock of computers to Dell. [False]

A2. Give reasons - (2)
Dell wanted to start a business of selling computers because :
(i) ____________
(ii) ____________

Ans. (i) Like most first-year students, he needed to earn spending money.
(ii) People wanted low-cost computers custom-made to their needs.

A3. Guess : (2)
“I couldn’t bear to miss this chance,” Dell says. Guess. which chance Dell did not want to miss”.

Ans. By the lines, “I couldn't bear to miss this chance, Dell did not want to miss the opportunity of selling computers that he was doing earlier as this was one of his dream business & computers were in demand during that time. So he knew the benefit of continuing his business which would make him successful one day that he had always dreamed about.

A4. Vocabulary - (2)
Find out the words from the extract which mean :

(i) college hall of residence
(ii) large amount added to the cost price
(iii) quantity of good in stock
(iv) with great intensity
Ans. (i) dormitory
(ii) costly
(iii) inventory
(iv) vengeance

A5. Personal response : (2)
Suggest two strategies to become a successful businessman.

Ans. Starting and Owning your own business gives you a sense of freedom and empowerment. You can build things and watch them grow. The following are the two important strategies to become a successful businessman.

1. Challenge yourself: If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you have to challenge yourself. No one else is going to push you, so it’s up to you to do it.

2. Be passionate: If you don’t love what you do, don’t do it. I truly believe it’s as simple as that. As an entrepreneur, you’re going to have to put in long hours and make sacrifices for your business. When you’re passionate about what you do, putting in the long hours won’t feel like a sacrifice anymore.

A6. Grammar - (2)
Rewrite the following sentences in the ways instructed :
(i) Seeing the hungry market, Dell placed local advertisement.
(Make it a compound sentence)

Ans. Dell saw the hungry market and placed local advertisement.

(ii) He added features to improve performance. (Frame ‘Wh’ question to get the underlined part as an answer.)

(ii) Why did he add features?  (Or)
Why were features added ?

(B) Grammar: -

Do as directed:-

(1) When earthquake strikes, world trembles. (Insert appropriate articles wherever necessary and rewrite it)

Ans. When an earthquake strikes, the world trembles.

(2) I spent my holiday ______ some friends ______ a wooden house. (Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions)

Ans. I spent my holiday with some friends in a wooden house.

(3) Radha said to the teacher, "I feel very happy to help my mother at home" (Change in into indirect speech)

Ans. Radha said to the teacher that she feels very happy to help her mother at home.  

Q. 2. A. Read the first activity, read the extract and then do all the activities.

A. 1. Read the following statements, Find out the correct statements and write them down: [2]

(i) Both India and maharashtra can progress if they have different interest.

(ii) Hard work is the only way to build the future of India and Maharashtra.

(iii) The sacrifice of the best and grand in Maharashtra will be made for the state of Maharashtra.

(iv) In times of great calamity the Sahyadri will protect the Himalayas, like a shield.

A. 2. Complete the following statements: [2]

(i) The interest of maharashtra and that of India should be one for the progress of maharashtra state, because .........................

Ans. The interest of maharashtra and that of India should be one for the progress of maharashtra state, because India and maharashtra can only progres when there is oneness of interest.

(ii) Maharashtra depends on India, because .......................

Ans. Maharashtra depends on India, because its greatness depends on the greatness of India.

A. 3. Complete the table: (2)

The name of the mountain
Stands for
The reason
The Himalayas

The Sahyadri


The name of the mountain
Stands for
The reason
The Himalayas

The snowy Himalayas with the highest mountain ranges symbolise India.
The Sahyadri

With the blackest rock structure and with 200 - 300 inches rainfall symbolise Maharashtra.

A. 4. Vocabulary - [2]

Give antonyms of the following words by adding prefixes:

(i) gratitude
(ii) clear
(iii) believe
(iv) significance

Ans. (i) ingratitude
(ii) unclear
(iii) disbelieve
(iv) insignificance.

A. 5. Personal response:

Give your suggestions that will help the people to make Maharashtra prosperous.

Ans. My grandfather used to say that once in your life you need a doctor, a lawyer, a policeman and a preacher, but every day, three times a day, you need a farmer. So helping farmers we can make Maharashtra prosperous.

A. 6. Grammar: - [2]

Rewrite the following sentences in the ways instructed:

(i) India and Maharashtra can progress only when there is oneness of interest.  [Rewrite is using 'unless']

Ans. Unless there is oneness of interest India and Maharashtra cannot progress.

(ii) This state of Maharashtra will work for the betterment of the common people of Maharashtra.
[Rewrite it using modal auxiliary showing 'obligation']

Ans.  This state of Maharashtra must work for the betterment of common people of Maharashtra.

Ans. Note - Making.

Somnathpur Temple
(1) Location : Somnathpur (Somnathpura)
(2) Year : 1268 A.D.
(3) Built by : Hoyasalas of karnataka
(4) Captivates with : The beauty and vitality of its detailed sculpture, covering almost every inch of the walls, pillars and even ceilings.
(5) Structural features:
(i) Three Shikhars.
(ii) Star - Shaped platform with 24 edges.
(iii) Outer wall carvings,caparisoned elephants
Charging horsemen, stylized flowers and warriors.
(iv) Nymphs - Symbol of plenty of prosperity.

Q.3. (A) Read the first activity, read the extract and then do all the activities : (15)

A1. Table -
Complete the stable with the information from the passage : (2)

Bumble bee - Bee Fly

Wasp - Hoverfly


Bumble bee - Bee Fly
Body colour and hums sound
Beefly does not have a sting & hence it harmless.
Wasp - Hoverfly
Body colour (yellow & black stripes)
Hoverflies do not have stings and they have only pair of wings each while wasps have two pairs each.
A2. Complete the tree diagram : (2)

A3. Find out : (2)

‘Nature has given self-protection mechanism to insects’.
Find out at least two examples from the passage to prove this statement.

Ans. The examples from the passage to prove the statement- 'Nature has given self-protection mechanism to insects’ are :

(i) By having body colour close to those of the rocks and dried leaves, they can escape from being pursued by the predators.

(ii) Possessing wings which resemble dried leaves help certain butterflies and moths to hide among heaps of dried leaves when predators are around.

A4. Vocabulary - (2)
Find the words from the passage for :

(i) animal or bird that hunts other for food
(ii) to get free from danger
(iii) to prevent something from harming
(iv) to make a copy

Ans. (i) predators
(ii) escape
(iii) tactics
(iv) imitates

A5. Personal response - (2)

‘Soldiers disguise themselves to prevent enemies to spot them’.
Give two more examples when the disguising technique is used by humans.

Ans. The examples of the disguising technique used by humans are:

1. A celebrity may go 'incognito' in order to avoid unwelcome press attention.
2. Some people often disguise themselves as somebody else to avoid being recognized. Examples include dressing as a peddler in order to avoid being spotted.

A6. Grammer - (2)

Rewrite the following sentences in the ways instructed :

(i) They have only one pair of wings.
(Make it negative without changing the meaning)

Ans. (i) They do not have two pair of wings.

(ii) Insects have already adopted the tactic of disguise to escape from the clutches of their predators. (Replace infinitive with gerund and rewrite)

(ii) Insects have already adopted the tactic of disguise for escaping from the clutches of their predators.

3. (B) Summary:

Ans. The Deceptive marking

The power of nature is incredible. Nature has given insects the art of disguise naturally like having body column or possessing wings which resembles dried leaves or rocks. So that they can escape from being pursued by the predators. Soldiers use Camouflage technique so that they can hide themselves in the jungle area and their enemies could not spot them easily and attack. Camouflage is used by soldiers in order to protect them from the enemies and also to be safe from the insects who are camouflaging in the jungle in between the rocks, trees, shrubs and dried leaves. The assimilation of insects is done as their bright body colour and shapes so that they appear dangerous and hence ward them off. There are several similarities and differences between bee fly, bumblebee, hoverfly, wasp and other insects. The need of imitation in insects is required because there variations are hardly noticed by the predators and it helps them to escape.

SECTION – II (Poetry)
Q.4 Read the following extract and then do all the activities that follow:

A1. Complete ______
Complete the following sentences choosing correct alternatives:

(1) The poet used to watch the valley play hide and seek, because _______

(i) he had integration with the nature and landscape
(ii) he had no park to enjoy playthings
(iii) he had no friends

(2) According to the poet, only littered swamps could be reality, because _______

(i) vast, endless oceans are getting polluted due to our neglect of flora and fauna.
(ii) water from oceans will become magical potions.
(iii) Oceans are changing into swamps for fishing purposes.

A2. Poetic device
Figure of speech

Name and explain the figure of speech used in the following line:
‘We used to watch the valley play hide and seek’.

Ans. The figure of speech in the given line is :
Antithesis – Opposite words 'hide' and 'seek' are used in the sentence.
Alliteration – The alphabet 'w' is repeated in the sentence.

A3. Personal response:

Suggest some remedies on how we can enrich our nature.

Ans. Following are some remedies on how we can enrich our nature.

1. Bring your own bags.

It's such a simple thing to do, and so beneficial for the environment––bringing your own bags to stores not only helps cut down on the number of bags needed, and by extension the resources needed to create them, it also means that fewer bags get thrown away into our already-overfilled landfills.

2. Grow your own food.

It's not only a great way to avoid many of the common nasties that make their way into so much store bought food, plants help release much-needed oxygen into the air, and can also help replenish the soil, depending on which types of plants you're working with.

3. Cut down on your energy use.

It's really easy to carelessly waste energy––leaving a light bulb on here and there, keeping the air conditioning on at home when you're out at work all day––but it all adds up. Try to cut down on your energy use by being conscious of how you use electronics.

A4. Poetic creativity
Compose the following four lines as a free verse using the words life, oxygen, trees, nature with the help of clue given in each line so it would convey message :

No _________
No __________
No __________
No __________

Ans. No Trees
No Oxygen
No Nature
No life

A1. True/False
State whether the following statements are true or false:

(i) The narrator found one skeleton jammed into a drawer. [False]
(ii) The narrator did not like to read detective fiction. [False]
(iii) The narrator's mother was managing the Green's hotel. [True]
(iv) The narrator wanted to be an authority on the English theatre of that period. [False]

A2. Write a gist :

Write a gist of the above given extract in about 50 words.

Ans. The narrator's mother managed the Green's hotel. She enjoyed reading westerns like Luke short, Max Brand and Clarence Emulford as the child enjoyed detective fiction. The skeleton's mystery was already revealed so the child went down expecting another skeleton to tumble out but he got other old valuable & also took copies of 'Punch' and read reviews of them which played between 1926 and 1930s. Later, he became an authority of the theatre in England of that period.

B1. Complete _____ Complete the following sentences:
(i) The boys considered the dentist as a ghost , because ________

(ii) Listening to the repeated scream, Tom thought that ________

(iii) The grinning mouths were models made of ________

(iv) The idea of carol-singing was given by _______

Ans. (i) because they saw someone coming in a white dress towards their from the dark

(ii) as if someone's being murdered

(iii) plaster of paris

(iv) ginger

B2. Convert dialogue into a story:

Convert the above dialogue into a story in about 50 words.

Ans. When the four boys took shelter near a house they heard strange noises because of which Alfie and Tom were quiet afraid but later on when the lights were switched on and person with white swegical coat came
out and asked those boys about what were they doing. They Replied that they were out for carol singing and this was Ginger’s idea.

Q. 6. (A) Letter Writing - (12)

Write any ONE of the following letters : (4)

(1) Write a letter to The Chief Officer, Road Transport Authorities, drawing his attention to the problem of frequent traffic jams in your locality suggesting some solutions for the problem.

7G, Rainbow Colony,
M.G. Road, Nana Peth,
Pune City- 441 002.
14th July 2013


The Chief Officer,
Road Transport Authorities,
Traffic Headquarters,
Pune- 411005.

Subject: Complaint regarding reckless driving by youngsters

Dear Sir/Madam,

I reside at Nanapeth, a locality that has wide roads and broad pavements. Unfortunately, our locality has become a potential danger-zone because of the growing instances of traffic jams. We know that the number of vehicles on the roads is on the rise and that there is no proportional increase in the number of roads. So, traffic jams are bound to happen.

It stretches one’s tolerance to the ultimate limit when buses and autos on this busy road show an appalling disregard for any kind of traffic law. I strongly suggest, on behalf of the residents of this neighbourhood, request you
deploy few such officers on this road, to bring this situation under check. Otherwise there is every chance that our locality will become an accident - prone - zone, where ordinary and innocent citizens will have to think twice before stepping out of their houses.

Yours truly,


(2) Your college is 20 km away from your village. You go to the college by S.T. bus, but the bus timings are not convenient for you and other students. Write a letter of complaint to the Depot Manager of your town/city. Suggest some solutions for the problem.

7G, Sonia Apartment,
Rainbow colony,
M.G.Road, Dharavi,
Mumbai:- 400 017.
7th March, 2014.

The Manager,
The Local Bus Depot
Vasai Roar,

Subject        : Inconvenience caused due to very few and lack of timely bus service.

Respected sir,

I am a student of ‘The General English High School’ , Dharavi and make use of the bus service on a regular basis for going to  and coming from the school. I would like to bring to your attention that in the morning there is a big crowd and most of them choose to travel from taxis,  ‘Ola’, ‘Uber’ etc. But everyone cannot afford that much of huge travelling cost. Students who belong to the weaker economic section of society need the bus service as we cannot afford to travel by private vehicles.

The bus service provided by the State Transport bus service is very poor. Most of the time the buses are late and since the number is less, the crows makes a mad rush to get in without observing discipline. Many junior college students and passengers find it a difficult task to board these buses.

My kind request is to inform the authorities to increase the number of bus service in the morning on this route and see that they run in time.

Thanking You,
Yours Faithfully,


Introduction: Ooty is the queen of Hill with beautiful lakes, rivers, scenery, etc. It is situated in the heart of Tamil Nadu.

i.  How to go there: Ooty is well connected with rest of India. One can go to Ooty by the way of Plane, Bus or Train:
Plane: Daily two flights namely IA – 550 and IA – 330 from Mumbai to Ooty are available.
Bus: The State Transport Bus Services and many other private Bus Services are available from Mumbai to Ooty.
Train: There are many trains available which can take you to Ooty. The most convenient is “Mumbai – Ooty Express”

ii. Where to Stay:     Accommodation is no problem in Ooty. The Government tourist Hotels and other Big and  Small hotels are available to suit everyone's budget.

iii. When to Visit:  June to October is the best time of the year to visit Ooty.

iv. What to See:  The climate and scenery of Ooty is mind – blowing. It is a well planned hill station  with huge roads, parks, theatres, and gardens, there are many interesting places to see like Bull Temple, Lord Ganesh Temple, Dolphin Nose, Flower Garden,  Lord Murugan Temple, Palatial Buildings, etc,.

iv. Shopping:   Shopping in Ooty is fun. One can buy very traditional and well as modern things from Ooty. Ooty is very famous for woollen clothes.  
v. Anything Special As far as food is concerned Ooty is famous for Black tea, Idli, Vada, Sambar, Masala dosa, Idli fry, Prawns fry, Mughal Biryani, etc. The people are very culture oriented and highly intelligent. They give more importance to their education.


(2) Report writing -
Your college celebrated the ‘World Environment Day’. You are the Class Representative. Write a report on the celebration of the ‘World Environment Day’ with the help of the help of the following points :

(i) Inauguration of the function
(ii) Address by the Chief Guest
(iii) Various activities carried out
(iv) Exhibition arranged
(v) Vote of thanks

6th June, 2019

Omtex College of Science located at Dharavi celebrated its World Environment Day on 5th June 2019.

Mr. Sachin Tendulkar our former cricketer, was the Chief Guest of this ceremony. He planted a rose plant and inaugurated ceremony. There were lot of crowd as many people gathered to watch Salman Khan and also to be a part of this programme. He addressed in his speech to all people “To save mother earth plant more trees”. Students of our 11th Std Div. A performed Drama on ‘Mother Earth’, apart from this class -12th students performed a group song to save mother earth. At last college gave an activity to all the students “Cultivate Seeds and Nurture the Plant” under this activity our college arranged Exhibition to show how students have nurtured various plants. Tree plantation was also done in the college ground. After all the activities snacks was distributed to all the students and staff. Our Principal Sir Mr. Rao felicitated Mr. Salman Khan, and said special thanks for sharing his time with us. Overall the programme was a great success with everyone’s effect.

- By Student Reporter.

(C) Write on any ONE of the following items : (4)
(1) Counter-view -
Read the following View Section and Develop a Counter-View Section in about 120 words :

View Sections:
Law should enforce children to look after their old parents.
Law must step in where values deteriorate.
Grey population has doubled in the last 25 years.
Protection for the elderly persons is a serious concern for the welfare state
The experience of the old people can be fruitful to the younger generation.

Ans. Counter-view :

Elderly persons: A blessing to the society

Your parents are your first…everything. They brought you into this world and hopefully, guided your development into the person you are today with as much love, nurturing and opportunity that they could provide. As said, our first teacher in life are always our parents. No one can ever replace our parents in our life. There is no need of any law to enforce children to take care of their parents in their old age. This is everyone's basic responsibility and this should be innate. A child should himself understand that when we were kids our parents took care of us so it is our responsibility when we grow up to take care of them. If each individual thinks on this whether a daughter or a son would not need any law for the same. In last 25 years, rather than Grey population the number of experienced people has double in the society. Since, we Indians have got our values and cultures from our parents for the protection of elderly persons we do not need any welfare society. The family values learned keep everyone together in the family with all the love and care. We know that the experience of old people is always fruitful to the younger generation but with time the situations and the way to handle these situations have changed. So, not all their experiences & knowledge is useful. But they are an important part of our family and society both.

(2) Information Transfer -
Look at the following web chart and write a short paragraph based on it in about 120 words. Suggest a suitable title :

Ans. Information Transfer :

Communication – The Human connection

Language is a method of human communication, either spoken or written whereas communication is exchanging the information Language & Communication both are interrelated. For better understanding or functioning communication should be clear & concise. Though effective communication is essential, there are several barriers to effective communication. The major issue is language as we know every country or community has a different language when it comes to speaking or understanding it is difficult for the other person. At times, even people speaking same language have difficulty in understanding each other. The second one is time, where in everyone is busy in today's life we hardly get time to talk to each other and on top of that if we are in different countries the time zone also matters. Noise is another barrier as while speaking to anyone if there is any disturbance over the phone, network or internet it interrupts our talks. The next barrier is distance as we all are living in different parts of the world the ways or methods of communication also differs Eg. We call to talk over the phone, message to chat on different sites or may do a video call using skype or other app using internet. The distance impacts these factors & can interrupt our communication like when we talk while travelling. Distraction is another issue which becomes a barrier to effective communication as while talking to a person if we are distracted the communication can go on a different track or may move out of the topic rather than the actual topic. The other problem is discomfort with the topic like in a conversation if the other person is not comfortable to talk about specific topic it may leave the conversation without any conclusion or of no use. Lastly, lack of interest also hampers the communication like if a person is not interested in your talks he may ignore it or might not be attentive or may get half knowledge & all other possibilities. Hence, for an effective communication all these factors matter and should support an individual in a conversation.

Q. 7. (A) Interview Questions : (7)
Imagine that you are going to interview a Sarpanch of a village, who has been selected for ‘Adarsh Gaon Award.’ Frame a set of 8 to 10 questions to interview him/her. (4)

Ans. Good morning Sir, I am glad that I have got this opportunity to talk to you today so that people can know more about you and ‘Adarsh-Gaon’ since you have been nominated for 'Adarsh Gaon Award'.

Q.1) How are the elections conducted in your village?

Q.2) Who motivated you to participate in the election for the post of ‘Sarpanch’?

Q.3) Who are the other members of your Panchayat samiti?

Q.4) As per you, what is the role of a Panchayat Samiti in a village?

Q.5) What inspired you to bring such changes in your villages that everyone is appreciating today?

Q.6) How is the funding of Gram Panchayat done?

Q.7) How does Government helps a village in making it a ‘Adarsh Gaon’ ?

Q.8) What is the best thing that ever changed in your village ?

Q.9) What were the challenges that you have faced during these years as a Sarpanch?

Q.10) What is an Adarsh Gaon according to you?

Q.11) Where do you see your village in coming three years?

Q.12) Any message you would like to share with other villagers?

(B) Speech Drafting : (3)
Your college has organised an elocution competition. One of the topics therein is ‘Importance of Health’.
Prepare a speech on it in about 100 works with the help of the following points :
• Importance of exercise
• Importance of yoga
• Importance of diet

Ans. Speech writing :


Good morning to my respected teachers and all my fellow classmates. As we have gathered here to celebrate this auspicious occasion, I would like to speech over health is wealth. As we all know about the common saying that health is wealth but I do not think that we follow this proverb in our daily life to get maintained. Everyone of us knows well that a good health lead to the good way however no one of us take care of the health. If we are not living in discipline and following nature’s rule, we can never become healthy in the life and never reach to the success.

We have given two legs and two hands to walk and do work however if we are not using our organs accordingly in proper way, it is our fault which lead us towards failure. Most of the people spend their whole day and night just by sitting or lying on bed for most of the days of week and months. They are just like fish without swimming and birds without fly. Can you imagine that what will happen if fishes do not swim or birds do not fly, most commonly they easily would be food of big animals and slowly their species would get destroyed. In this way, people having more comfort in their life cannot be so healthy.

Some decades ago, people were strong and healthy because they were used to walk for long distance and they have to perform every household chores own. In the recent decades, the growth of technologies in very fast manner has decreased the man efforts in every walk of life. Earlier, the life of our grandparents was good and their livelihood was very healthy because of the hunting, farming, ploughing, harvesting, planting, walking, running, etc. Now-a-days, almost every people of any age group suffer from one or more diseases (like high blood pressure, heart attack, gout, stress-related disease, etc) from the starting of life.

In order to keep ourselves healthy physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and intellectually, we need to be active on daily basis including well maintained diet, exercises, positive thinking and follow good habits. We need to be disciplined in every walk of life.

Thank you.

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