8 Proven Tips to Handle Anxiety before Exams!

8 Proven Tips to Handle Anxiety before Exams!

No matter how much time we spent in preparing for the exam, but the monster of examination makes us feel unprepared always. This feeling of lagging behind and not to have put enough of oneself for the preparation leads to pre-exam anxiety.

Regular Study time with breaks is the must. 

If you have made yourself clear with the concepts and well understood what you have learned, there won’t be any requirement to spend nights burning the midnight oil studying. So ensure to take regular breaks to re energize yourself. Before sitting for your studying, you can prepare a timetable as to how much time you would be spending for breaks and how much time for studying

Limit your group studies

Studying in a group is a common trait followed by kids during the exam. Being surrounded by a group of friends is always enchanting but it has its own disadvantages too. However, keeping the count of friends limited to 3 to 5 will seem more beneficial. Involving too many people can make the learning process messy and turn on more confusion.

Create notes

Looking at the number of pages and the length of answers can easily lead one to feel anxious. The best way to get away from this is to create notes while studying. You can jot down the important points, highlight what is necessary so that later on during the exams you can just go through the notes and get your revision done

Stay away from comparisons

The foremost thing to abide when preparing for exams is not asking your friends how much have they finished with their preparation. This is one of the main reasons that causes anxiety that can ruin your whole preparation process. The best way to ensure that you complete your exam preparation is to not compare your study progress with that of your friends. Rather you should look into how much of the syllabus is pending from your side and how well can you manage the learning.

Stay away from Social Networking Sites

Keeping your Facebook and other social media sites active can make you get distracted very easily. Thus limiting the time spent on social networking can help you to achieve your goal. You will additionally, get ample amount of time to spend on Facebook and other sites once you have finished giving your exam.

Sketch a Quick Schedule

Being organized and following a schedule is always helpful in reducing the time required for completing the portion. This helps to think about how you will complete your studies rather than worrying about how you will be finishing the entire portion and having no time for revision.

Do not skip your meals for studies

Because of anxiety, students tend to miss their meals.But it is more necessary to take full care of your health. Remember this, Health is Wealth, it is much more essential during exams to keep yourself perfectly fit and fine. Your brain needs the maximum amount of energy and keeping it in dearth will tend to make you more anxious and worried. And say a big NO to Crash Diet.

Get a sufficient amount of sleep

Your mind and brain keep working the whole day and they need ample amount of rest to be back working well. Sleeping on time and getting a good sleep favors one in reducing the anxiety of not doing well in the exam.

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