Q1. A. Select the proper option from the options given below  and rewrite the sentences:: (5)
1. A sole trading concern ensures ____________ business secrecy.
a. minimum
b. maximum
c. limited

2. An electronic facility of transferring funds through the internet is called __________ transfer.
a. cash
b. net banking
c. credit.

3. Business organization is a part of ________________
a. industry
b. government
c. society

4. ________________ is the President of State Commission.
a. The District Court Judge
b. The Supreme Court Judge
c. The High Court Judge

5. According to the principle of ____________ all employees should be given fair treatment.
a. authority
b. discipline
c. equity.

B. Match the correct pairs: [5]

Group 'A'
Group 'B'
a. Private Company
1. Minimum 7 members
b. Overdraft
2. Saving Account
c. ATM
3. 1996
d. Consumer Protection Act
4. Electronic Business
e. Controlling
5. Current Account

6. Maximum 50 members

7. Automatic Teller Machine

8. 1986

9. Individual Taste

10. To take corrective action

C. Write a word or a phrase or a term which can substitute each one of the following statements: [5]
1. The business organization which has minimum ten members. [Co – operative Society]
2. The type of warehouse where early perishable goods are stored. [Cold Storage]
3. An activity motivated by profit. [Business]
4. Father of scientific management. [F.W. Taylor]
5. A function where right people are given right jobs. [Staffing]