The underdeveloped and developing nations are in t...

An international trade movement began in Europe.

The sunbeam in space is severe.

Dr. Homi Bhabha is known as theFather of Indian A...

Nuclear weapons competition was encouraged because...

Cold war was increased due to U2.

A war fought for peace means cold war.

Nationalism started in the colonies.

Decolonization started late in theAfrican Contine...

European countries turned theirattention towards ...

Mahatma Gandhi had withdrawn the Non Cooperation M...

European imperialism was not opposedby Asian coun...

European Nations established theircolonies in Asi...

The works of the UNO arepraiseworthy.

The UNO Security Council plays aProminent (import...

There was rise of militarism in Europe.

The democratic governments in Europestarted to co...

League of Nations was unable to stopwarring count...

Woodrow Wilson urged upon Alliednations to set up...

The common people opposed Tsar'srule.

All round development of Russia didnot take place...

The condition of common people andworkers in Russ...

On 6th April 1917, America declared awar against ...

European countries turned towardsAsia and Africa ...

Explosive situation was created inEurope.

The travelogue written by Stanleycreated curiosit...

Africa was known as Dark Continentuntil the 18th ...

Decline of Tokugawa Shogunate Began.

China remained undivided.

The Portuguese could not set up theirempire in In...

Economic imperialism started inEurope.

Europeans started to discover newmarkets.

The European felt the need for finding out new sea...

The undeveloped colonies were benefited by imperialism.

What regions of Africa were Colonized by France?

The English Empire won the vast region under the Sikh Empire before 1845 and 1849.

Write down the Open Door Policy.

Explain the expression 'Cutting of the Chinese Watermelon'.

What was the result of the Second Opium War of 1856?

What were the provisions of the treaty of Nanking of 1842?

How did Geographical discoveries bring about a cut throat competitions among the European nations for dominating the newly illuminated regions of the world?

How did propagation of religion intensified imperialism?

Explain the concept of imperialism in the olden times.

The rising nations in the European continent gave a stimulus to imperialism.

The European nations brought the nations in Asia and Africa under their imperial rule.

The courageous sailors undertook the task of finding out the marine routes


Write about the 'Artificial Satellite'.

Explain the term Atomic Energy?

Explain the effects of Cold War.

Explain the Causes of Cold War.

Dispute for establishing supremacy started between...

Give detailed information about the 'Slave Trade i...

What are the advantages of Globalization?

Write the nature of Globalization?

Give detailed information about colonization in Af...

What were the contribution of extremists and moder...

Explain the merits of decolonization.

Give detailed information about the following; Ass...

Write about the establishment of the UNO?

Describe the effects of the second World War.

Give any four reasons of the Second World War.

Write about Kemal Pasha's development policy in Tu...

Write about Hitler's internal policy.

Describe the political works of the League of Nati...

Give information about the International court of ...

Write functions and three main factors of League o...

Write the significance of Russian Revolution.

Explain the contribution of Lenin in Russian Revol...

Write the effects of the First World War.

Explain the reasons of the First World War.

Write about the constructive effects of imperialis...

Write in detail on the imperialism in Africa?

Write about 'Nanking Treaty'.

How was India brought under the reign of England?

Write the reasons for imperialism?


Explain in your own words the political impact of ...

What are the disadvantages of globalization?

Explain the importance of Computer?

Write about Indian Missiles?

Write bout India Moon-expedition?

What are the uses of Atomic Energy?

Write a short note on Warsaw Treaty.

Write a short note on SEATO.

Write a short note on NATO treaty.

How did the new middle class react to the process ...

Why did the European colonizers start to decoloniz...

State the significance of Jallianwala massacre?

Explain the movement of Division of Bengal'.

What is the meaning of 'Period of Decolonization'?...

How did the nationalist feelings originate among t...

How is modern imperialism different from old imper...

Give the detailed information about the UNO before...

Give detailed information about social and educati...

How did America destabilize (weaken) Japan?

How did Hitler acquire power in Germany?

Why did the Fascist Italy become an aggressive nat...

Write the social work of the League of Nations.

Write about Lenin's New Economic Policy.

Explain the term Bloody Sunday

Why did Russia's economic condition decline?

Write about the Philosophy of Karl Marx.

Why did Austria announce the war against Serbia?

Why did England, France and Russia give importance...

Write any 5 destructive effects of imperialism?

Give brief information about 'The Kanagawa Treaty'...

According to Peking Treaty, what restrictions were...

According to Peking Treaty, what restrictions were...

According to Peking Treaty, what restrictions were...

Write about the Opium Wars between England and Chi...

What are the various forms responsible for imperia...

What is the meaning of colonization?


1.Give the meaning of the word 'Imperialism' and write the definition.

2.What is Economic Imperialism?

3.In Which regions of Asia, Europe nations imposed their imperialism?

4.Why did Britain pay attention to Indian Politics?

5.Why was Japan called a recluse (outside) nation?

6.The discovery of interior part of Africa did not take place, why?

7. During the second half of 19th century which courageous European travelers came to the light?

8.Why did the conflict among England and Germany increase?

9.Explain the term 'aggressive nationalism?           

10.Why did the European countries start to increase weapons and ammunitions?

11.Write the foreign policy of Bismarck?

12.How was the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party established in the year1898?

13.What was the effect of St. Petersburg's revolt?

14.Why did democratic experiment fail in Russia?

15.What were the objectives of the League of Nations?

16.Why did League of Nations Fail?

17.Why was their dissatisfaction was created in Europe after the First World War?

18.Describe the Weimer Republic?

19.Why did the military dictatorship (autocracy) rise in Japan?

20.What are the objectives of the UNO?

21.Describe the functions of General Assembly?  

22.What are thetasks of the Security Council?

23.Give information about the International Court?

24.Write about the nature of modern imperialism?

25.With the contact of Europeans what kind of ideology was introduced to Indians?

26.What kind of improvement was made by British for their administrative purpose?

27.Write the revolutionary activity of India during its freedom struggle?

28.Why the Europeans concentrated their attention to Africa?

29.In western imperialism what effect took place in industry and profession of Africans?  

30.Write about the movement of release of Negros?

31.What is meant by cold War? (Important)

32.Give information about Russian Communism?

33.Explain the arm race due to cold war?

34.What is Science?

35.What is Technology?

36.What are the Kinds of computer?

37. Write about the characteristics of Computer (important)?  

38.Explain the meaning of globalization?

39.Due to globalization which fields are going through change?