Develop a story having one of the above ideas as a moral. Give a suitable title to your story.

Ans. Dishonesty never pays in the long run.

Suresh was in desperate need of money to pay his son’s school fees. Just when he was on the verge of losing all hope, he found a 500 rupee note outside his Grocery  shop. Without a second thought, he picked up the note and rushed home. He gave the money to his son and asked him to pay his school fees. As his son was on his way to the school, he tripped over and fell, his books and the money scattering around on the ground. A police constable, who saw him walking hurriedly, went to him and started helping him gather his belongings. He then noticed the 500 rupee among his things. He took out a chit from his pocket and matched the series of the note to the one he found with the boy. It belonged to the same series of notes that were robbed from an ATM next to the Grocery shop that belonged to the boy’s father. The poor boy paid the price of his father’s dishonesty.


July 2016 English Kumarbharati Board Paper With Solution.

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