SSC English October 2014 Board Paper

SSC English October 2014 Board Paper

ANS. A. 1. (i) True, (ii) False, (iii) False, (iv) True.

A. 2. Complete,
(i) Bits of grass leave us thinking that however impossible things may look, there is always an opening.

(ii) If we have the conviction, then difficult things too shall pass.

(iii) The rock is formed by the command of water.

(iv) Ants teach us teamwork and perseverance.

A. 3. Frame meaningful sentences with the given words. (2)
Impressive, passion,

Ans. (i) Impressive: My friend had an impressive look at the meeting when we met first time.

(ii) Passion: My sister has a passion for new designed fashioned clothes.

A. 4. Past perfect tense.
(a) Choose the sentence with Past Perfect Tense from the sentences given below.

(i) The ants had organized themselves around the fly.
(ii) The ants organized themselves around the fly.
(iii) The ants have organized themselves around the fly.

Ans. (i) The ants had organized themselves around the fly.

(b) A rainbow colours the entire sky. (Begin the sentence with ‘The entire sky...’)

Ans. The entire sky is coloured by a rainbow.

A. 5. Personal response.
How has Nature inspired you?

Without nature we are nothing. We can imagine a peaceful world without human beings but we cannot imagine a world without trees, rivers, mountains and each and every aspects of nature. We should protect and preserve our nature.

B. 1. Guess and write.
(i) Strong physical, mental and technical qualities helped her to be the best in the world.

(ii) A never say - die attitude helped her not to give up easily even when the odds are against her.

(iii) The author had high regard for Indian Sports Women because they face a lot more challenges compared to men.

(iv) Her performance is more creditable because the game is physically so demanding.

B. 2. Web,
Complete the following web.

Ans. Qualities of Saina

B. 3. Phrases
Write from the passage, phrases that mean:

(i) to cheer someone for a great achievement.
(ii) to give one an over someone else.

Ans. (i) to raise a toast.

(ii) to give an edge over others.

B. 4. (a) Preposition
Pick out the prepositions:
(i) That is the major difference between her and other Indian girls.
(ii) I have a very high regard for Indian sportswomen.

Ans. (i) between
(ii) for

(b) Select
She has it all. (Select the correct interrogative form of the given statement)
(i) Doesn’t she have it all?
(ii) Hasn’t she had it all?
(iii) Doesn’t she has it all?

Ans. Doesn’t she have it all?

B. 5. Personal Response
What are the challenges faced by Indian Sportsmen/Sportswomen.

Ans. Political influences in Indian sports is a major problem. Lack of proper guidance, direction, coaching, family support, finance, etc are also the major problems faced by Indian Sportsmen/Sportswomen.

Q 2. A. 1. Properties
Mention any 4 properties of Haldi in the following diagram.

A. 2. Answer. [2]

(i) What are the requirements necessary for turmeric plant to grow?

Ans. Air, water, soil and sunlight are the requirements necessary for turmeric plant to grow.

(ii) Why is turmeric used in pickles and chutneys?

Ans. To preserve them for a span of time turmeric is used in pickles and chutneys.

A3. Pick out Antonyms from the passage for the following. [2]

Ans. (i) import x export

(ii) unclear x clear

(iii) before x after

(iv) acceptance x resistance.

A4. Articles.

(i) India is largest producer and consumer of turmeric in world.
(Insert articles wherever necessary in the given sentence)
Ans. India is the largest producer and consumer of turmeric of turmeric in the world.

(ii) Turmeric helps to preserve pickles and chutneys.
(Rewrite using the noun form of the underlined word)

Ans. Turmeric helps in the preservation of pickles and chutneys.

A 5. Personal REsponse

You have read about turmeric and its uses. Think of any other plant and write its uses.

Ans. Neem is a tree. The bark, leaves, and seeds are used to make medicine. Less frequently, the root, flower, and fruit are also used.

Neem leaf is used for leprosy, eye disorders, bloody nose, intestinal worms, stomach upset, loss of appetite, skin ulcers, diseases of the heart and blood vessels, fever, diabetes, gum disease, and liver problems. The leaf is also used for birth control and to cause abortions.

B. Read the following passage and complete the activities given below. [10]

B1. Tick the correct group with the help of the following passage in the given table: [2]




Sita Bengra





Sita Bengra

B. 2. Select the correct alternatives from the bracket and rewrite the sentences: [2]

(i) The Jogimara has _________ coloured paintings.  (multi - / single)

(ii) Roopdaksh is a _____________ (writer/ sculptor)

(iii) Sutunuka was ______________ (singer / dancer)

(iv) Rahul singh is an __________ (Archaeologist / Geologist)

(i) The Jogimara has multi - coloured paintings.

(ii) Roopadaksh is a sculptor.

(iii) Sutunuka was a dancer.

(iv) Rahul Singh is an archaelogist.

B. 3. Complete the following cross - words with the help of the the clues given below: [2]

(1) Mode of communications

(2) The beginning point of something.

(3) One of the oldest languages of the World

( A natural hollow inside a hill


B. 4. (i) Brahmi is one of the oldest scripts of the Asian sub - continent. (Start with ‘Very few’ and rewrite the sentence)  (1)
Ans. Very few scripts of the Asian subcontinent are so old as Brahmi.

(ii) Ramgiri hills have two main caves. (Select the correct tag)

(a) don’t they?
(b) doesn’t they?
(c) aren’t they?

Ans. Ramgiri hills have two main caves, don’t they?

B. 5. Historical monuments are often defaced by visitors. Do you think it is right to do so? Why?

Ans. It is not right to deface our historical monuments. Since, they are the true faces of our culture represented through monuments. If we deface them it will spoil their beauty, significance and their grandeur. It will also spoil our culture.