Write a letter t the Municipal Commissioner complaining about the menace of vendors outside your school.

Kalam Vidyalaya,


Mumbai- 400017.

26th June 2013



The Municipal Comissioiner,

Nagarpalika Bhavan,

Mumbai- 400017.


Subject: Menace of vendors outside schools


Dear Sir,


I am a student of Kalam Vidyalaya. I would like to bring to your attention the menace that vendors pose to the students of our school. They sell all sorts of unhealthy eatables and drinks right outside the school compound.


I believe the Municipal authorities are fully aware of this. And yet the nuisance goes on unabated. All these eatables are prepared and sold under the most unhygienic conditions and contain poisonous and harmful colours and other substances. The foodstuff is exposed to flies and other insects. It poses a grave threat to the health of unsuspecting school children.


May I request you most earnestly to take all possible measures immediately to put a stop to this crime against children and to see to it that all vendors are prohibited from selling their wares in the vicinity of our school?


Yours faithfully,