Write a letter to the Assistant Commissioner of Police (Traffic) complaining about reckless driving by youngsters in your city/town.

7G, Rainbow Colony,

M.G. Road, Nana Peth,

Pune City- 441 002.

14th July 2013



Assistant Commissioner of Police (Traffic0

Traffic Headquarters,


Pune- 411005.


Subject: Complaint regarding reckless driving by youngsters


Dear Sir/Madam,


I reside at Nanapeth, a locality that has wide roads and broad pavements. Unfortunately, our locality has become a potential danger-zone because of reckless driving by youngsters. 


These youth enjoy speeding not only on the road, but also on the pavements. Sometimes, three or four of them are seen riding bikes together at full speed, yelling and talking to each other,least bothered about who is on the road. They care little for the young or the old. We have already witnessed seven hit-and-run accidents.


I strongly suggest, on behalf of the residents of this neighbourhood, that some strict patrolling be conducted in this area and the offenders be caught and punished. Otherwise there is every chance that our locality will become an accident-prone-zone, where ordinary and innocent citizens will have to think twice before stepping out of their houses.


I trust that you will take immediate steps to improve the situation.


Yours Faithfully,



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