Write a letter to the Municipal commissioner pointing out the need for a public park in your crowded city.


7G, Rainbow colony,

Panchavathi Extension, 

Nashik- 422001

1st june 2013



The Municipal commissioner,

Municipal Offices Complex,



Subject: Need for a public park in Panchavathi Extension


Dear sir,


Our city is fast becoming a concrete jungle. Areas that were once green have started disappearing with astonishing rapidity. We, the citizens of this town, who are becoming victims of the evils of urbanization, feel that the need for a public park in Panchavati Extension is a real necessity.


An increased population leads to increased use of vehicles.This finally results in high levels of pollution. Hence there is serious need of a park that will offset the menace that we face die to pollution. Parks and Gardens are, indeed, the lungs of a locality. It is such places that provide relaxation, clean air and help to reduce stress levels.


We insist that one more public park in modern Nashik is not an idle luxury. On the contrary, it is a vital necessity. Funds must be made available for it. After all, public health is at stake. May I expect your early  action in this pressing matter?


Yours faithfully,



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