Develop s story with the help of the following points:

Court of Akbar - all courtiers and Birbal present - Akbar has two flowers in his hand - similar in every way - challenges courtiers to guess which is real and which is artificial – courtiers handle flowers – cannot make out the difference – Birbal quietly opens the windows of the court – a bee flies in and sits on one flower – Birbl claims that is the real flower – Akbar pleased at Birbal’s cleverness.

Artificial or Natural?

Once in the court of Emperor Akbar, when all the courtiers, including Birbal, were present, Akbar posed a challenge before them. He had two flowers in his hand. Both were similar in every way. Akbar announced that one of the flowers was real and the other was artificial. He asked the courtiers if they could determine which was the natural flower.

The flowers were passed through the hands of all the courtiers, but they were so ingeniously similar that no one could tell the difference. Even the fragrance of both was the same. Birbal too handled the flowers, but there was an expression of doubt on his face. After some thought, Birbal quietly asked the guards to open the windows of the Darbar. There was complete silence for some time. All the courtiers were puzzled at Birbal’s action. Then suddenly from the court garden, a bee buzzed through one of the windows. It flew about here and there for some time. Finally it came to one of the flower and settled upon it.

“That Jahanpanah,” said Birbal, “is the real flower. The other one is artificial.”

As usual , Birbal was right. Akbar was greatly pleased at Birbal’s ingenuity. He praised Birbal for his understanding of the ways of nature and for his quick, clever, conclusion.