The sentence given below is the end of an incident. Develop the complete story:

… and Oh Goodness gracious! I found my mobile at the same place.

Hurry and Worry

One evening, it was past nine, and I suddenly remembered I had to buy a new pair of shoes since my old ones were in a terrible state. We quickly decided to go to the nearest mall. Everyone dressed quickly and rushed to the car. I, as usual, was the last one to reach. Mummy sat behind with a disapproving expression on her face. “Yes, yes I know, don’t tell me,” I said almost stumbling into my seat, “Haste makes waste!”

We reached after nine-fifteen and there Dad took another ten minutes to park the car. Then we hurried to the shoe store. Thankfully I spotted the pair of shoes I wanted right away and they fitted perfectly. Daddy paid up immediately. “What about a light snack?” said Trisha. We all thought it was a good idea. We went into a restaurant and quickly ordered our choice of fair.

I decided to call Raj and tell him I had bought a pair of handsome shoes. I put my hand into my pant pocket and got the shock of my life. My mobile set was missing. Had I left it at home? No! that could not be. In fact, I remembered calling up Raj before leaving home.

Mummy was quick to sense that something was wrong. “What is it?” she asked. After some hesitation I said, “I think I’ve lost my mobile.” This was followed by anger, scoldings and expressed feelings of disgust. Everyone came up with suggestions as to where I could have left it. None were helpful. “Let’s go to the shoe shop,” said mother. “Yes,” I said, “maybe it dropped out of my pocket while I was trying on the shoes.” Leaving our snacks unfinished, we rushed to the store. It was almost 10, time for closing up. Two of the salesmen looked at us as we walked in, surprised. The third, however, put his hand in his pocket and took out my mobile set. “Is this what you w3ere looking for?” he asked. “Thank you, thank you,” I yelled, and Oh Goodness gracious! I had found my mobile at the same place where I thought I had left it. 

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