To be good sportsman, one needs to develop sportsmanship.

To be good sportsman, one needs to develop sportsmanship. Some qualities of true sportsmanship have been given in the web below. Write a paragraph using the points. You may use the points in any order that you choose. You may also add a few points:
 The True Spirit of Sportsmanship

The main quality required for true sportsmanship is putting in one’s best into the games. Besides being a skilled player, he or she should enjoy the game. A true sportsperson plays with a spirit of competition, not rivalry. He or she should respect the opponent and even learn a few lessons from him or her. Observing the game of the opponent can give an idea of the strategy one has to use in order to win. If is a team game, the sportsperson should possess a team spirit. When the sportsperson is victorious, he or she should be humble about it. In the event of defeat, he or she should accept it cheerfully. All these qualities are the marks of the true spirit of sportsmanship that every sportsperson should display.

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