Write a report for the school magazine about the health exhibition in your school.

Exhibition on Health Care

March 31 : An exhibition on health care was held on The General English High School grounds on March 29th . There were many stalls, some of them providing free check – ups. Many doctors volunteered to be part of the Health Care Camp. There was free testing of eyes. The stalls were taken care of by the students of the school. Here charts and models prepared entirely by students were put up . One was on the care of the teeth and another one was on diabetes. There was an elaborate chart on physical fitness as well. The Chief Guest of the ceremony, Shri Ajith Kumar, was quite impressed by the efforts of the students and the school staff. He thought that this was a unique effort on the part of the school and was full of praise for the students in his speech .

The programme began at 8 a.m. and lasted till 6 p.m. More than 700 children and parents visited the exhibition . All it was a grand  success.

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