Use the points given below to form the basis of a newspaper report.

 You may add more points. Write two paragraphs . Give you  report a suitable title:

Narendra sing – broke record – long  jump – regional meet  - jubilant mob – cheered – singh overjoyed – wish to the national team – talked to the press after the feat.

Narendra singh Breaks Long Jump Record
August 15 : Narendar singh of Bihar broke the National Record for Long Jump at the regional meet at Ambala  in Punjab on 14 August. He jumped 6 .72 metres to beat the record of  6.68 metres previously held by  V . Venkatraman of Chennai. The spectators were jubilant and cheered Singh as he cleared the length. Singh himself  was overjoyed . A shy Narendra  later met the press after the feat, expressing his wish to make it to the national team .
“ Narendra has a lot of potential,” said his coach , A. T. Mishar . “I’m sure he will bring home an Olympic medal soon.”

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