Write a newspaper report in about 20 lines describing Ganesh Chaturthi celebrating in your town .

Ganesh Chaturthi in Mumbai

Mumbai , September 16 : Ganesh Chaturthi was celebrated in Mumbai this year with great spectacle and splendour . Never  before has the festive mood been so high . The main reason must have been the competition for best Ganesh idols and floats organised by the Mumbai Municipal Corporation . As a result , a variety of art forms costing huge amount of money were tried out . 

The general public were treated to a feast of Ganesh idols ranging from small ones made with shells and small bottles to huge ones made of ply and vegetables . The tallest was the one made by the Yuva Mandal . This idol rose to a towering height of thirty feet and was decorated entirely with  marbles .

On the Anand Chaturdashi day , the last day of the festival , a procession of floats was organized. It  was a public holiday and during the entire evening magnificent floats trailed by slowly .

Thousands of people participated in the procession singing and dancing to the accompaniment of  musics and drums . Everyone agreed that the 25 feet long float put by the Yuva Mandal was the best .  It depicted various aspects of Lord Ganesh’s life . Deservedly , it won the first prize .   

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