An Interschool Elocution Competition was held in your school.

Write a report on it about 20 lines for your school magazine.

       Interschool Elocution Competition Held at The General English High School

March 9 : An  Interschool  Elocution Competition was held in Model High School on 8th March. Seven schools from the town  participated. Since Model High School was the organiser, it refrained from participating and only looked after the arrangement and conducting of the programme as well as the prize distribution ceremony. The Chief Guest was the Mayor , Mr. Ajith Kumar. The programme began at 2 p.m. and ended by 6 p.m.

The topics were as follows  :

(1)  Do present day advertisements affects the youth of today ?
(2)  Is the mobile phone  being misused by the youth of today ?
(3)  Are the youth of today more ambitious than the youth of the past?

17  speakers spoke for 5 minutes each .

The speeches were exciting, and judging the winners was difficult. Three college professors were chosen to be the judges  : Smt. Radhika Apte from Birla College , Smt. Kavitha from MDK College and Smt. Lalitha from National College. Finally Omtex School claimed the shield. The Chief Guest and the Headmaster praised the efforts of the staff and students for conducting such a grand programme .

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