Develop a dialogue between yourself and your father discussing the secrets of success in business.

Myself : Father, could you tell me what makes one successful in business ?

Father : Well , son , it’s fine that you have asked . Actually there are many qualities . Initiative is one of them .

Myself : What is initiative ?

Father : Initiative is the ability to use your judgement to make decisions and to do things without needing to be told what to do . Of course , you also need capital investment .

Myself : I guess that means I must have money to put into the business .

Father : That’s right . You also must have a good business sense . This means that you have to know the market you are dealing with very well. You have to find out what the market needs .Then you have to make and package your products accordingly . You should always keep in mind that the customer is the king .

Myself : How will I know which business to invest in ?

Father : For that you will have to study the prevailing market trends . You may also consider your personal  preference such as textiles or the food industry or the auto spare parts .

Myself : Thank you father . Your ideas were quite enlightening .

Father : You are welcome , son . Any time you wish to know anything about business , just ask me .

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