Write a dialogue between the Postal Officer and you on how to send a letter by speed post.

Postal Officer : Yes , gentleman , how can I help you ?

Myself             : I want to send a letter by speed post .

Postal Officer : Well , that’s very easy . All you have to do is fill in this form .

Myself             : How much will it cost me ?

Postal Officer : Since you are sending only a letter , it will be less than 50 gm . The cost will be   15 for local delivery and 35 to any other place in India . Where do you want to send your letter to ?

Myself             : I want to send the letter to Pune .

Postal Officer : Well , Pune is outside the Mumbai limits . So it will cost you 35 . Just fill in your name, address as well as the name and address of the receiver in this form and hand it over to me .

Myself             : ( Fill in the form and hands it to the Postal Officer with the letter ) Here , Sir.

Postal Officer : (Checking it and stamping it and tearing the receipt ) Here is the receipt . Keep it in case of any complaint .

Myself             : Here is the money .

Postal Officer : Here is the change , gentleman .

Myself             : Thank you , sir .

Postal Officer : You re welcome .

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