You have just returned from a trip abroad . You had promised your friend to buy him a tie with a letter ‘ G ‘ embroidered on it.

However , in your hurry to get to the airport , you left the tie in the paper bag in the taxi . Write a dialogue explaining the situation to your friend and expressing your regret .

Govind : Hi , Welcome back to India ! How was your trip to America ?

Myself :  Fine, fine . America is a lovely place . I enjoyed it very much .

Govind :  Yes , I read your emails about your visits to the Empire State building and other places . It must have been awesome .

Myself :  Yes , it was !

Govind :  Well ?

Myself :  Well what ?

Govind :  Did you bring me the tie I wanted ?

Myself :  N … no … no…

Govind :  What ? I expressly asked you to buy me a tie with the initial of my name on it . Couldn’t you do even that much for a friend  ?

Myself :  Well , it’s like this ….

Govind :  Yes , I’m waiting . Tell me .

Myself :  I bought the tie .

Govind :  You bought the tie ? Then where is it ?

Myself :  Well , it’s like this . I forgot about the tie . Then when I was on my way to the airport I remembered . I had already scouted around two or three shops earlier . I  stopped the taxi , Went into a shop and bought ten ties because the salesman was too slow and had no change . As it is I was late for the flight .

Govind :  And then ?

Myself :  I don’t know how to explain this to you , but this is what happened . In my hurry to catch the flight , I left the tie in the taxi cab .

Govind :  Oh my gosh ! You mean to say , you actually bought the ties and then forgot them in the taxi ? That’s how good a friend you are ?

Myself :  Yes , Govind , that’s what happened . I’m really sorry , but next time I promise …..

Govind :  Oh , go on . When will you get a chance to visit New York again ? Anyway , it’s ok . At least you did buy the ties . Thanks for nothing , though !

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