A friend of yours loves to eat junk food

Write a conversation that you have with him/her, giving your own views about the issue :

Myself : Hi Sanjay ! Eating a burger as usual …? Whenever I see you , you are either eating pizzas or having soft drinks or busy stuffing yourself at a chaat stall .

Sanjay : Well , I like my food to be tasty .

Myself : Tasty is all right . But what about the health aspects ?

Sanjay :  Who cares about health ? I never fall sick , do I ?

Myself  :  That’s what you are saying now . But all the food you are eating is actually high in calorie Content . It is bad for your stomach . You are making junk food a habit . You will suffer in later Years .

Sanjay  :  Then what do you recommend to eat ?

Myself  :  Have green salad or plate of idlis . They are healthier . Junk food slowly erodes the lining of Your stomach .You will loose your stamina and have all kinds of stomach – related diseases. Probably ulcer , too !

Sanjay  :  Well , let’s see , I’ ll try to change my food habits .

Myself  :  You’d better , if you want to live a  long and healthy life .

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