Write a dialogue that you have with a bank manager about opening a new saving account .

Myself                :  Good morning , Sir .

Bank Manager  :   Good morning , son . What can I do for you ?

Myself                :  I’d like you to advise me about opening a new savings account .

Bank Manager  :  Well , it’s very simple . All you have to do is to fill in the required form  and give us Some identification .

Myself                :  What sort of identification ?

Bank Manager  :  You will have to give us a bona fide student certificate from your headmaster . You Should also provide us a photocopy of your school identity card .

Myself                :  Yes , Sir . I will submit these documents along with the form .

Bank Manager  :  Just collect a form from the clerk at counter no.11 . Fill in the form at home and bring it along with the required supporting documents I told you about. We will then open your account . Oh , yes , there’s  one more thing . You will have to deposit  a minimum of 1000/- if you want a cheque book . Otherwise you need to deposit just Rs. 500/-.

Myself: Is there any other charges please mention it?

Bank Manager: Yes, a Quarterly charges of Rs. 30 will be levied on SMS services provided from bank regarding  your transactions. Rs. 150 p.a. on ATM Charges.

Myself                  :  Thank you , Sir . You have been very helpful .

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