You have left a suitcase in a railway carriage . The case has neither your initials on – it nor your name on any of the articles in it . Write a letter to the Railway Superintendent about it .

Respected Sir ,

I would like to have your  help in recovering my black suitcase which I lost in a railway carriage of the Pathakot Express on the 10th September . I noticed the loss on reaching home .

I regret to say that there are no marks of identification on my suitcase or on the articles in it . This will surely make the recovery pretty complicated . However , I make some suggestions. 

The black suitcase is made of leather . It is fitted with straps that have copper buckles . At the top left – hand corner there is a big white spot made by some chemical solution . There are inside three woollen suits , 3 silk shirts ( all white ) and plenty of novelties from Kashmir .

I do hope and pray that this information will suffice in tracing this suitcase . In case it is found , I will make the necessary arrangements to collect it as soon as I hear from you .

Thanking you in anticipation ,

                                                                                                                                          Yours faithfully ,

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