To your Employer requesting a promotion in view of the long and satisfactory service rendered.

Respected Sir ,

Having tried very earnestly to fit myself for advancement in your service , I now beg to be considered worthy for an increment in my salary and promotion as well . In support of my request , I beg to point out the following facts :

1. I have served you diligently for the last 5 years and  not absented myself from work or taken leave unduly .
2. The last promotion I received  was 3 years ago .
3. The cost of living has gone up enormously in the last 3 years , but there has been no annual increase in the salary I have been drawing from you .
4. I am capable of doing independent correspondence and managing all office work on my own .
5. No appreciation of my ability or length of service has been shown in the matter of emoluments .

I shall be much obliged if my case is given sympathetic consideration and I am given the required promotion . Promotion is , after all , the best incentive to harder work and greater diligence .

I hope for a favourable reply from you at your earliest convenience .

                                                                                                                      Yours faithfully ,