Write a letter to a firm applying for a job .

Respected Sir ,

Mr.Pestonjee Wadia of your firm tells me that you are thinking of hiring a credit investigator . I should like to apply for this post . The following are my qualifications :

1. I am 20 years old , unmarried , and in good health .
2. I was educated at the Scindia School , Gwalior , and at the Wilson College , Mumbai , from which I graduated in June , 1997 ,with the B.A. degree . Then I specialised in Farm Accountancy , Agricultural Law , and other aspects of the business of farming .
3. During these last 8 months I served as assistant business manager for Mr. M.Y. Rahim , a farmer in my native town . I had partial charge of Mr. Rahim’s 2 – lakh – a – year  trucks – farming business .
4. I can type , drive a car , and audit bsimple accounts . I believe that with my experience I can learn credit work very quickly . I have listed my references on a seperate sheet . If you are interested in my application , I should be glad to go to your office in Mumbai for an interview .

                                                                                                                                          Very truly yours ,