The Social Service Camp arranged by your school was a grand success

The students from a neighbouring school want to know more about it . Prepare a report of about 20 lines for them to put up on their notice board.

A Social Service Camp with a Difference !

          October 27 : Ideal English School , Kolhapur , recently conducted a week – long Social Service Camp in the school premises . This was to give a student's a first – hand acquaintance with the problems that beset our society and the possible ways of solving them . The support of local corporators , doctors and agencies such as  the Rotary Club was solicited .

          During the week from the 13 th to the 19 th , lectures were conducted on Adult Literacy , Rules of General Sanitation and Social Awareness . Blood tests , Eye checkups and General Fitness tests were also conducted.

          The entire project was funded by prominent business houses of the town . The response to the Camp was tremendous . Altogether  1776 people  attended some part of the Camp or the other . The involvement of the students of this school , the Principal , the teachers , clerical staff and peons  was wholehearted .

          The school became a hive of activity during this week . A booklet giving details of the Camp will be published in the first week of December .

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