Write a letter to your younger brother who feels home – sick as a boarder.

No.7G, Rainbow Colony,
MG Road, Dharavi,
Mumbai – 17.
19 /01 /2016.

My dear Madhav,

            I am glad to know from Dad’s letter that you have been admitted to a boarding school in Ooty. He also informs me that you feel  home – sick there, and that you have not yet adapted yourself to your new surroundings.

            I am not at all surprised at your home – sickness, since you were so much pampered at home. Naturally, you will miss the affection and the petting you were used to at home. But think of the advantages offered by a boarding school. Shyness and reserve come in the way of one’s success in life, and a boarding school helps you to overcome them and make friends with several boys  who share your interests. Now is the time to come out of your shell and learn to be Sociable. Being free from parental control and guidance, you develop the valuable qualities of self-reliance and a sense of responsibility. A boarder, again, has excellent opportunities for playing games regularly and keeping fit. Free from the distractions of home, he can concentrate on his studies.

            If you avail yourself of these opportunities, you will have no time to brood over home. And home will be sweeter when you visit it during the vacation. When I meet you during the Diwali holidays, I’m sure I shall find a great change in you  wrought by your stay at the boarding  school.
                                                                                                                        Your loving brother ,


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