Write a letter to a friend who has failed in the SSC examination.

No. 7G, Rainbow colony,
M.G. Road,
Mahim (E),
Mumbai- 40017.
22nd March, 2016.

My dear Krishna,

            I was very sorry to learn that you don’t pass  the S.S.C. examination. Your failure was certainly due to the unexpected attack of illness you had on the eve of the examination.

            I hope that you have not taken it to heart. Examinations, after all, are not so important as they are usually supposed to be. If you face this misfortune bravely, you will have taken a step towards passing the greater examination of life.

                        Secondly, you may take this chance to study thoroughly the subjects in which you are weak, and try to come off with flying colours next year. As you know, in these days merely passing an examination is of no use; if doesn’t help you even to get admission to a good college. Hence, forget what has happened and  apply yourself to your studies. Your failure may prove to be a blessing in disguise and open a new chapter in your career.

Thanking you,

Yours loving friend,


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