Write a letter to your pen – friend in England, inviting him to visit India.

No. 7G, Rainbow Colony,
MG Road, Dharavi,
Mumbai – 17.
18 / 09 / 2016.

My dear George,

            Judging from your letter which I received last week, you seem to have funny notions about India. You associate this country with snakes, tigers, Maharajas and Yogis. Until recently, this was indeed the popular image of India in the minds of many westerner, it was an image created by an Anglo – Indian novels and the reports of Englishmen whose observation of Indian life was superficial. I am surprised to find that you believe in it in this age of increasing international contact and understanding.

            I suggest that you should visit India in the near future form your own opinion of this country . India is, of course, a vast country, a sub – continent, and it ia not easyto understand and judge it. I am sure your visit will surely dispel false romantic notions about it.

            I assure you that a few weeks’ sojourn in India will be highly rewarding. There are so many things worth seeing here – rivers, temples, historical relics and monuments, and great centres of pilgrimage. You shall see an ancient country remarkable for its fundamental unity. It is , of course , economically backward, but it is developing rapidly. Though some of us living in the cities are influenced by Western ways of living, we have our own traditions and customs which are interesting and meaningful.

            I hope that you will seize upon my suggestion. Please put up with me during your stay in Mumbai.
                                                                                                Your affectionate pen – friend,


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