Write a letter to your friend, inviting him to join a tour of Kodaikanal you propose to go on.

7G, Rainbow Colony,
Dharavi  Cross Road,
Mumbai 17.
5th March 2017.
My dear Ashok,

        I am not surprised to learn from your letter that you are feeling bored in your village. May I suggest a way of escape from the boredom as well as the sweltering heat of May?

        Ten other students of our class and I, including the ‘Saint’ and ‘the Professor,’ have  decided to go on a trip to Kodaikanal in the third week of May.I very much want you to join the tour and enhance its pleasure.

       I don’t know much about kodaikanal at present, but soon we’ll come to know a lot about it, won’t we? It is said to be a very beautiful and pleasant part of India,with cool, bracing climate in summer.We shall see picturesque hills and valleys, lovely lakes and gardens.We ahall romp, swim, skate and ski.I am sure that you will enjoy your stay in Kodaikanal, as you are an adorer  of beauty not only in Nature but in ‘the human face divine.’

       Do join the tour. Your parents will surely approve of the plan if they know that my elder brother and Sunil’s uncle are accompanying us.As we are getting concession in rail fare, the expences of the tour will be low. Please reply to this letter as early as possible, since we have to make the necessary arrangements for the trip to Kashmir in your company.

                                                                                      Yours sincerely,


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