identify the infinitives, participles or gerunds.

1.The driver refused to wait.
    to wait  - Infinitive

2.Panting , I boarded the plane under the reproachful  gaze of the other passengers.
    Panting – participle

3.We saw an army of ants lugging a fly wich was at least ten times the ant’s size.
     Lugging – participle

4.On enquiring , the priest said that the temple found it difficult to get the bilva leaf.
    enquiring  - Gerund

5.It was not commercially economic to grow it.
    to grow - infinitive

6.Very  few flower sellers were willing to provide bilva leaves.
    to provide – Infinitive

7.The greatest difficulty was in identifying the plants.
    Identifying  - Gerund

8.He had to consult many scholars.
    to  consult – Infinitive

9.The book succeeds in providing good leisure reading.
    Providing – Gerund

10.It is one of the best occasions in recent times to raise a toast.
     to raise – Infinitive

11.This strategy looks easy but is difficult to implement.
to implement – Infinitive

12.Indians are always comfortable playing against the wind as it easy to control you shorts.
      Playing  - participle

13.It is equally important to realize that she has a long career ahead of her.
      to realize – Infinitive

14.India is faced with the challenge of sustaining  its rapid economic groth.
     sustaining  - Gerund

15.India has committed itself to reading its carbon emissions by 20-25 per cent by 2020.

     reducing  - Gerund 

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