Write a letter to your father, informing him of the course of study you wish to take after you have passed the S.S.C examination.

No.7G, Rainbow Colony,
MG Road, Dharavi,
Mumbai – 17.

My dear Father,

            You’ll be glad to know that I am thoroughly prepared for the ensuring S.S.C examination. I don’t know your plans about my future education. May I share with you my thought about the course of study I would like to take next year?

            As you are aware, the general tendency among the good students today is to opt for the study of science. Their aim, generally approved of by their parents and guardians, is to become engineers and doctors. As a result of this tendency, which has prevailed several years, there is unemployment among science graduates, especially engineers.

              I, for one, wish to choose the Arts Course. Not that I am weak in science subjects. The important point is that I am passionately interested in humanities, in literature, history and politics. The study of humanities has a cultural value and teaches us the art of living. It also offers, good job opportunities, provided one does well, as I hope to do, in the examinations. I wish to be a journalist, and the study of subjects like literature and politics will be an asset to me in my career.

            Let us talk over this matter in greater detail after I come home.
            Please give my love to Mum, Veena and Nazim.

                                                                                                                 Yours affectionately,

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