Write a letter to a friend, describing your impression of a city you have visited for the first time.

No.7G, Rainbow Colony,
MG Road, Dharavi,
Mumbai – 17.

My dear Rahim,

You might be wondering at long silence. The simple explanation is that I happened to go to Mumbai and stayed there  for a month in my uncle’s house. I was so much dazzled by this metro polis at first that I decided to observe it longer before writing to you.
            Frankly speaking, I was not impressed with the well –known sights of Mumbai such as the prince of Wales museum, the Gateway of India , and the Victoria Gardens. I have seen such sight , some of the better, in Bangalore and Hyderabad .What mainly struck me about Mumbai was its cosmopolitan character. You will find here people coming  from all parts of India , speaking different Languages , and belonging to different religions and communities. Some Europeans and Americans also live here.                                         I saw the sea for  the first time in my life and was enchanted with it. But another sea  took my breath  away – the sea of humanity, endless, surging, that pours into the Churchgate and Shivaji terminus  stations in the evening. It is no wonder that the housing  problem stares the city in the face.
            Mumbai  is a city of contrasts .wealth and poverty, skyscrapers and slums, exist side by side .men in ultra-modern clothes  brush shoulders with gentlemen clad in an orthodox fashion. Gross materialism and wild pleasure-seeking co-exist in the  pursuit of spiritual development.
            I look forward to meeting you after the school reopens.

Your loving friend.

Magesh .

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