Write a letter of appreciation to a teacher who has impressed you very much .

No.7G, Rainbow Colony,
MG Road, Dharavi,
Mumbai – 17.


Dear Shri Kamat,

            I am happy to inform you that I have done quite well in the S.S.C. examination. If I come off with flying colours, the credit will go to you mostly. Now that I am parting from you for good. I would like to express the admiration which I, along with many of my class – mates, feel for you.

            I have  never come across a more sincere teacher. Your classes were not only informative but living and stimulating. You did not teach your subject – English – merely from the examination point of view, but took a wide view of it, and instilled into us a passion for knowledge and love of literature. You taught us the importance of accuracy and thoroughness in reading and writing. Thanks to you, we realised that there were no short – cuts to knowledge, and turned away from books like ‘Mathematics Without Tears’ and ‘English in Half an Hour’ with which the book – shops are flooded.

            Apart from being a model of what a teacher should be, you were a source of inspiration to us. We are grateful to you for the incalculable and lasting benefit we have derived from your teaching.

            With love and respect,

Yours obediently,


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