Write a letter to your uncle, thanking him for the birthday gift he has sent you.

No.7G, Rainbow Colony’
MG Road, Dharavi,
 Mumbai – 17.
27th March, 2017.

My dear Uncle,

            I thank you very much for the valuable gift you sent me on the occasion of birthday. I received several gifts from my friends and relations, but I trasure, above all others, your gift,  Nehru’s  ‘Glimpses of World History,’ firstly because it is a token of your affection for me, and secondly because it is such a delightful book.

            I thought that history was a dry subjects. But, reading a few pages of this book, I changed my opinion. The main events of history such as the French Revolution and India’s struggle for freedom are related in such a simple, fascinating manner. While the glimpses of history are factual and accurate, they are at the same time human and personal. This gift that you have sent me on my sixteenth birthday has made me feel grown – up and mature !

            Please convey my love to my aunt and remind Kamala that she owes me a letter.

                                                                                                                                                       Yours affectionately,                     


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