Staffing is just to determine the number of people required in the organization.

This statement is false.

(i) Staffing not only determines the number of people required it also includes the type of personnel to be selected and the whole process of recruiting, selecting and training people.

(ii) Staffing is a continuous process because new jobs may be created and some of the existing employees may leave the organisation so to fulfill the requirement of the enterprise management has to start activities relating to recruiting, selecting, placement, training and development, promotion, transfer, etc.

(iii) Every single person employed by an organisation is the ultimate performer. Staffing recognizes this importance and is concerned with obtaining, utilizing and maintaining a satisfactory and satisfied work force which will help it realise the goals with quality of its human resources.

(iv) In any organisation, there is a need for people to perform work. Staffing function of management fulfills the requirement and finds right people for the right job at the right time in the right department so that people are not misfit in any department.

(v) Since, the right people have to be chosen while selecting a person, the human element or instinct is very important. The attitude, aptitude, commitment, loyalty are important qualities which organisation perceives.

(vi) It is considered to be a specialized area and the theory of knowledge available on the subject is vast as researches on different aspects of staffing. i.e. recruitment, selection, compensation and incentives, training and development can be utilised for better results. Thus staffing is the most fundamental and critical drive of organisation of performance. 

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