Controlling is the indispensable function of management

This statement is true

  1. Without control the best of the plans go Haywire.  a good control system helps an organisation in proper decision making.
  2. The controlling function measures progress towards the organisational goals and brings the light in the deviation . If any deviation is there then it indicates corrective action.   Thus,  it helps in achieving organisational goals.  it is a dynamic function.
  3. A good control system enables management to verify whether the standards set are  accurate and objective.
  4. By exercising control a manager seeks  to reduce wastage and spoilage of resources as each activity is performed in accordance with predetermined standard and norms.
  5. A good control system ensures that employees know well in advance what is expected of them and what are the standard of performance on the basis for which they will be appraised. It thus motivates them to perform better. It is a continuous function.
  6. Controlling creates an atmosphere of order and discipline in the organisation and facilitates co-ordination in action as it is provides direction to all activities and efforts in achieving organisational goals. Thus controlling is indispensable function of management.

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