Every action in the organization is initiated through directing.

This statement is True

(i) Directing is rightly called as management in action as it is involved in putting plans into performance. Directing integrates people towards achievement of common objectives.

(ii) Managers not only tell the people in the organisation as to what they should do, when and how buy they also see that their instructions are implemented properly.

(iii) Directing guides employees to fully realise their potential and capabilities by motivating and providing effective leadership.

(iv) People resist changes in the organisation. Effective directing through motivation, communication and leadership helps to reduce such resistance and develop required co - operation in introduction changes in the organisation.

(v) Direction brings discipline and stability in the organisation. It puts life into an organisation. A good plan, a sound organisation, a team of efficient workers will not produce the desired results until people are directed to use resources efficiently. Hence, without direction all other functions of management such as planning, organizing and staffing will become ineffective as only directing initiates action.

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