Good Manners

Good manners show how to behave in public. We should develop them to live in the society. Without certain manners, others will not accept us. We must learn to behave in different places in different ways. When you go to a church or temple, you should be silent. But when you are in the playground, you must be very active. 

We should know how to talk to elders. If you do not respect elders, nobody will like you. We have to be humble while talking to them. It is not good to argue with them. The polite words like 'please' , 'thank you' etc. should be used. 

At the dining table also we have to keep manners. We should take food only according to our need. Wasting the food is a bad habit. While chewing the food, one should not talk. Good manners will make others to say that  you are good. So friends, let us try to be good mannered.