Hard work and Success

We see some people achieving success. What do we usually think of them? Yes, we think that they are luckier than us. But it may not be always true. It is true that we need some luck in life. But, the most important thing we need to have is the ability to work hard. If you work hard with determination, you can succeed. 

Suppose you are going to climb a mountain. How will you reach the top? It is a slow process. You  move step by step, till the end. Success also is like this. You have to do little by little. But you should not stop doing in the middle. Nothing can be achieved in a very short time. we should have the patience to work hard and wait. 

Let us consider the example of a building. You know that it is not constructed in a day. It takes many month or years to construct. The journey to success also is possible only through such steps. Some works are difficult to do. Though difficult, we should not give them up. If we are ready to work hard with a plan, it can be possible. 

There are some people who want to achieve great things. But lack of hard work stops them from it. Time is also a very important thing here. We should learn to utilize the available time properly. So friends, let us try to be successful thorough hard work.