English - world language

Today, English is not just a foreign language. It has become a world language. As a world language it has a great role to play. You know that there are many languages in the world. It is very difficult situation. It becomes very difficult to communicate with each other. So, it is very necessary to have a common language. And English has become one. 

We should learn good English language. Reading, writing and speaking are the three purposes of language. You must learn to read well. Your pronunciation should be accurate. Writing also can be improved through practise. Tghe most important thing is speaking. If we can speak English well, it will be a great advantage. It will make you more confident. Moreover, it will help you studies too. 

Speaking good English is not easy. We have to work hard day and night for it. We should listen to people speaking this language. In short, it is a slow process. We will have to work patiently for a long time. Listening to English news can be very helpful. You can also watch good English movies. Such exercises will help you get the pronunciation right.