Develop the talents

Everyone of us talented. One way or other we have some abilities. It is our duty to find them out. If we work hard to develop them, we will succeed in life. 

You might have seen the sculptors. They make beautiful statues from marble pieces or stones. In the beginning stones appear very boring. They are not at all attractive. However, after a lot of work, they produce beautiful statues. It is true in life too. You may thingk that there are no talents in you. But it is wrong. You can do many things in this world. 

Some children consider themselves useless. It is a very bad thinking. We must understand that nobody is useless. You must use your energy to develop the little talents you have. If so, nobody can stop you from winning. 

We can be happy only when we develop the talents. We should create and do new things. Everything created by God in this world is good. He has created nothing bad. You know that human being is the best creation of God. Then, how can he be useless? So, we should do everything to develop the talents.