Problem of Pollution

          Pollution is the devil of our earth. It is destroying our nature. There are different kinds of pollution. Some of them are air pollution, water pollution, sound pollution etc. It is a very dangerous situation, if it grows out of control, we will not be able to survive in this world.

          Pollution causes many diseases. It affects our health very badly. We should try our best to avoid pollution. If we do not, life on the earth will be in danger. Who is responsible for pollution? The answer is very simple - human beings. So, only we, the human beings, can control it.

           Years ago, life in this world was very comfortable. There were many trees, rivers, green valleys etc. Birds and animals were plenty in the forests. But such days have gone away. People are cutting down trees for their selfish purposes. Animals are haunted for various reasons. In short, man destroys the beauty of the earth.

          Air pollution is mainly caused by the smoke from vehicles and factories. The cause of water pollution is the waste from the big factories. We must work hard to decrease pollution. Thus, we will be able to build up a better earth.  

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