Onam is the regional festival of Kerala. It is a harvest festival. It is celebrated in the month of Chingam. The festival of onam is based on a story. Onam indicates the visit of King Mahabali. he was an anciennt ruler of the state. He comes every year to Kerala to meet his people. His arrival is celebrated as Onam.

          Mahabali was a good king. he was a very kind and helpful ruler. He became very famous for his goodnes. But the gods was jealous. They didn't like the popularity of Mahabali.

          Lord Vishnu appeared before Mahabali as a short man named Vamana. He asked the king for help. Vamana begged for as much land as he could measure with three steps. He measured the earth and the heavens with the first two steps. Mahabali offered his head for the third step. Thus, Vamana pushed him down. Now he comes to meet his people once in a year.

          During the Onam celebration, every house is well decorated. Flower carpets are used for decoration. Boar races are part of Onam celebration. 

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