Protect the Nature

          The earth is the most beautiful planet in the solar system. We are lucky to be here in this wonderful world. The rivers, trees, hills and the various creatures are gifts from God. We have to enjoy their beauty and protect them from all dangers.

          The plants give us food. They also give us fresh air. But we cut them down. How cruel man is! Man should stop destroying forest. Otherwise, life on the earth will come to an end. Destruction of forests creates many problems. The atmosphere gets hotter and hotter. The animals lose their home.

          The oceans are also polluted by man. As a result, many water animals are destroyed. The chemicals from the factories pollute the rivers and oceans most. It is time for us to get into serious action. If we don't, the generations to come will simply die out.

          Plastic has become a threat to the nature. Plastic remains in the soil for many years. It leads to the pollution of the soil and water. If burned, plastic causes air pollution. So, the best option before us is to reduce the use of plastic.

          Today, let us take a firm decision to protect the nature. The nature is one of the most beautiful creations of God. It is our responsibility to protect it. We should keep it safe and beautiful for the generations to come. So, let us work hard for a clean and green world. 

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