You are visiting your village after a gap of long time. Write a description of the changes that have taken place since you visited last.

Visit to My Village

India is a country having a large number of villages. the villages, situated near city areas, are undergoing a revolutionary change. this change is positive and shows a definite progress.
Recently I visited Kaldhari located 40 kilometers away from Pune. I had visited this village when I was in standard  I. How vividly I remember that place! The huge Banyan tree, the nutments, a few cottages on the roadside and the lush green farms! This picture had totally changed. The construction of the new bus stands suggested that many busses arrived in the village. The bullock - carts were hardly seen on roads because tractors had taken their place. There was a primary health centre in the village. People had become aware of the political changes in the country. It was a good sign that a new high school had come up in the village.
A co - operative bank catering to the needs of the farmers had also started operating here. The roads were wider and the outlook of the people had broadened. Even the girls enjoyed the facility of education. Youths were better educated and better employed. The farmers followed modern methods in agriculture. The used good quality seeds and fertilizers. All this had resulted in the prosperity of Kaldhari. The electricity had worked wonders. There were some television sets in the houses of V.I.P’s and thus Kaldhari had now developed into a small township.

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