Recently there was a candle march near Gateway of India, Mumbai to protest against the violence against women. Write a report on this incident.

Light to light

5th March, 2015,

Yesterday, the roads in Mumbai were a complete block. It seemed that the whole of Mumbai was on the streets. The streets looked a stream of yellow water. People from all over Mumbai marched the Mumbai streets in order to protest against the recent evil crime against Nirbhaya. “The Gateway of India” was lit up with lakhs and lakhs of candles that were placed. The street near “The Gateway of India” was covered with flowers to mourn the incident. People demanded death for the criminals. The electricity in the complete area was shut off only the candles were alight in order to show the displeasure against the Mumbai police and their inefficiency.

One of the lady present there said, “It is extremely disheartening to see that even in this modern era men treat their women the way this crime was committed. The criminals must be hanged.” Men were also present in large numbers to show their support. A young boy said, “Boys need to be taught to respect girls since their childhood. Only then such crimes can be done away with”.

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