Write a story with the title: “A pickpocket”

1. Describe how you first noticed the pickpocket when he acted suspiciously.
2. Describe how you saw the pickpocket steal the purse of the lady sitting next to him.
3. Describe how you pretended to ask for change from the lady so that she would realize that her purse was missing.
4. Describe how you stopped the pickpocket from escaping
5. Describe what happened to the pickpocket.

“Welcome” a robotic voice announced.

The Mass Rapid Transit train was now heading for Dadar station. I was standing in the crowded CST train, looking at the other passengers to occupy my time. A nodding lady passenger caught my attention. Her eyes were closed and she looked tired. A middle-aged man satisfaction by her side and appeared to be reading a newspaper. However, I soon noticed that the man was more interested in looking around him. He held the papers loosely with one hand. Then attempting to conceal his other hand with the paper, he gently slipped his hand in to the lady’s handbag. Within seconds, he had taken out her purse and had wrapped it with the inner sheet of the papers. I thought hard. I had to do something before the train reached the next stop. Finally I pushed my way to the dozing lady and tapped her on her shoulder.

“Excuse me, madam, could I have change for a dollar, please?, I asked. She obliged immediately by looking into her handbag. She raked through the things in her handbag and then frantically started looking for her purse.

“My purse is missing!” she cried out.

The other passengers turned towards us. Immediately, the pickpocket started moving towards the door of the train. I pretended to bump into him accidentally and he dropped his newspaper. The missing purse was revealed.

The lady gave a cry and pounced on her purse. A few passengers immediately caught hold of the pickpocket. When the train stopped at Mahim station, they handed him over to the Police officials.

The lady realized how I had helped her and thanked me generously. What an interesting ride it was!

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